Your professional profile deserves great planning.
Images generate and inform peoples perceptions in an instant. Great planning creates the perceptions you need to drive your business reputation.

Our extensive experience allows us to quickly recognise any problems or short comings. Along with the full range of possibilities.

We then go about creating dynamic imagery that really works for you.

Compare the subject we where presented below with with what our experience and gear allowed us to produce.
Same test lab in an industry leading, innovative company.

The Lab as it was shown to us.

And how we illustrated it with dynamic lighting and selective framing to tell the story of the industry leading research our client is noted for.
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At 2.30 a.m. in a non stop situation.

Even a clever digital camera is not going to cope as well as an professional photographer equipped and experienced with quality photographic lighting.
Underground mining is an unfriendly environment for photography.

No natural light, dirty, wet, uneven surfaces. Heavy equipment travelling everywhere in the dark. Work schedules that can not be held up. And in many cases explosive atmospheres.

It all calls for specialist equipment, knowledge and respect for the concerns of the miners on the site.
Using the setting Sun to add visual interest.

Shooting during normal daylight hours makes for everyday shots. Shooting into a Sunset adds visual appeal but is technically challenging for camera exposure systems.

Having high end, totally power independent lighting equipment, able to over power the Sun. Needs to be deployed quickly and effectively to catch the fleeting moment as the Sun waits for no one.

Exposing to capture the sky leaves the camera unable to see the people or vice versa.

Adding high end, colour adjusted lighting, picks out our subject while allowing the dramatic sky to add visual interest and a real world atmosphere.
Picking out our subjects.

In the shadows of the aircraft. The camera looses the people in shadow or allows the sky and aircraft to bleach out.

Quickly employing daylight overpowering lighting, in a controlled manner brings the balance back to show all aspects we what to show.